Metro Square creates unique and creative television and digital advertising for candidate, issue and product campaigns.

At Metro Square we strive to develop content that is tailored specifically for our clients and their needs. We eschew cookie cutter, generic advertising in place of attention grabbing ads that look and sound authentic.

"Metro Square Debuts Powerful New Ad"

-Hartford Courant

Metro Square delivers cinematic and emotional content allowing our clients to cut through the media saturation with attention grabbing advertising. We focus on brand development through created content to help you be victorious in your election, legislative session or consumer market.

Metro Square features experienced professionals from the worlds of entertainment, politics and corporate advertising. At Metro Square we can execute every aspect of your campaign from ideation to placement. We believe that every candidate, issue and product has a compelling story that will resonate with the public, but you need skillful and artistic professionals to develop, produce and create that story for maximum impact.

"The ad underscores the frustration of workers"

-Associated Press